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Dear friend,

Catholic Climate Covenant is pleased to announce and welcome Kayla Jacobs this week as our new Youth Mobilization Program Manager! Read on to learn more about Kayla in her own words, and how we will be expanding our work into high schools.

Welcome Kayla!

About Kayla: I serve as the program manager of Youth Mobilization for the Catholic Climate Covenant. I come to this work with nine years of experience in the diocesan social ministry field, including three years as the Director of Programs for the first diocesan Laudato Si’ Ministry in the United States. My favorite line from Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’ encyclical on caring for creation, is: “Soil, water, mountains: everything is, as it were, a caress of God.” I have a passion for being in and seeing God’s love in nature, gardening, and enjoying outdoor sports, especially rock climbing and snowboarding.

What brought you to this work?

A few years ago I attended a Youth Climate Strike with a group of students and before the march we attended a prayer service. The students were so excited and cared deeply about the climate crisis, they also were very engaged during the prayer service. That experience motivated me to develop a space for youth to bring together their passion for our common home and their faith. 

What are you most excited about as you begin the job?

I’m excited to empower youth to take leadership in our Church, especially on a topic that they care so deeply about. I’m also excited to do this work on the national level and encounter different backgrounds and cultures in various Church communities. 

What is one message coming into the job that is top of mind for you regarding Catholic youth and care for creation?

After a meeting with our youth leadership team one of the students said, “We have a lot of work to do but we’re qualified!” Catholic youth are not only qualified to take leadership in Church and climate fields, they are also eager and excited to do so! All we have to do is provide the space and support them. 

How is this new youth work different from our young adult work?

A goal we have is to create a seamless continuation between the youth program and youth adult work through the Covenant. Our hope is that the youth engaged in our work in high school will be excited to continue the work as a youth adult. 

To reach Kayla or get involved in our new youth mobilization efforts, email

With joy,

Catholic Climate Covenant

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